About Us


Our Business Philosophy

Value Others More LLC, was founded with the goal to help sales professionals update their sales engagement skills and stay focused on providing value for their clients.  

In today's business climate, industries are rapidly transforming.  Customers are doing their due diligence and contact with a sales person is not made until late in the buying process.  This puts enormous pressure on sales organizations to reach decision makers early in the buying process and provide that valuable market perspective they need to stay competitive.  A market perspective the customer might not have considered, but which could bring them new value by using your products and services.  It is in this changing environment that Value Others More LLC shines.  

For over 30 years, we have helped organizations develop their sales professionals.  We work with managers and their sales teams to update and reinforce sales engagement skills in prospecting, account penetration, crafting value propositions, and creating selling presentations that close more business. We provide the training, coaching and mentoring needed to keep a sales organization relevant and help your business increase revenue and market share.  Value Others More LLC is not just the name of our organization, but it is the foundation of the way we conduct our business.  We put our clients and their people at the heart of everything we do.

Mission Statement

Provide leadership, training and encouragement to help our clients reach success!

Core Values

Our core values are fundamental to our identity.

Integrity & Honesty   Live by truthful words and actions!

Humility                            Endeavor to be of good character without pride or arrogance!

Client-Centric               We put our clients and their corporate strategies ahead of                                                  everything!

Accountable                   Willing to take responsibility for our own actions!

Innovative                        We drive to inspire creativity and take risks when warranted.  This                                                  gives birth to ideas that create new value for our clients.

Passionate                        We value passion, determination, perseverance and a sense of                                                  urgency to produce the best possible content for our audience to                                                  help our clients grow.

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